Amulet of Deathly Howls

Amulet of Deathly Howls
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Amulet of Deathly Howls is Legendary

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+30% more melee damage when health is below 30%

An ancient talisman with inconceivable power, the Amulet of Deathly Howls is one of the most sacred of relics, from a time long since forgotten. Very little is known about the amulets exact origin, but we what do know, is that an artifact this powerful, could have only been donned by a god, and that it was.

In pursuant of underworld supremacy, Darthrauka raised absolute hell throughout the abyss, destroying everything, and everyone, in sight. His orders were simple, join him, or suffer pure and utter anihilation. Most chose wisely, others? not so much.

The fearless god Lucifus, decided that he was not at all interested in meeting either of those terms, but rather, was hell-bent on teaching Darthrauka a true lesson of power. As the two faced off, Darthrauka effortlessly plunged his mighty scythe through the chest of Lucifus, sending him to his knees. As the life slowly drained out of him, the artifact around his neck began to glow, empowering him like never before. With his final ounce of strength, Lucifus, swung his sword towards Darthrauka, sending him flying across the room.

Lucifus would ultimately perish as a result of this battle, but Darthrauka learned a very important lesson that day. Maybe, just maybe, if put into the hands of a worthy adversary, there very well may be a power out there, capable of dealing him his death blow!