Longbow - Ranged
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Aeropiercer is Epic

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+10% damage to flying monsters

What is normally a time of celebration and joy, Easter is also often met with fear and gloom. This is especially the case in the town of Talmuth, where flocks of Hawkuma will frequently patrol the skies, terrorizing citizens participating in Easter related events, all across town.

The Hawkuma species love eggs, big or small, they want them all. In order to fight back against these aerial tyrants, several blacksmiths in the town of Talmuth, decided to join forces, hoping to create a weapon that would help deal with this distressing issue.

When combined, great minds can achieve incredible feats, and the creation of the Aeropiercer was a prime example of that. Skillfully designed, and modified specially for upward force, this stylish bow not only looks good, but can cut through air like a knife to butter.

Needless to say, the Hawkuma will definitely have a little opposition moving forward!