Abyssal Pyre

Abyssal Pyre
Sword - One-Handed
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Abyssal Pyre is Mythical

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10% chance to catch enemy on fire

Scribed upon an ancient tablet is a tale of an explorer named 'Druith', who discovered a partially submerged grotto on one his endeavours.

As he ventured forth, Druith found a bright portal at the back of the grotto.

After much hesitation, Druith stepped through the portal and appeared in another grotto on the other side but one filled with treasure, not least of which were some swords, shrouded in purple flame.

Knowing something valuable when he saw it, Druith went back and forth through the portal, collecting armfuls of the swords.

After his 6th armful, the portal to the treasure laden grotto closed behind him.

Druith dubbed the swords the 'Abyssal Pyres' and sold them, becoming a very wealthy man indeed!