Abyssal Dominator

Abyssal Dominator
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Abyssal Dominator is Mythical

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+12% melee, ranged and magic weapon damage

Wrought by a reclusive artisan who plumbed the mysteries of the ocean's depths, the Abyssal Dominator is an amulet of unparalleled power. Forged from the combined essence of Luminous Coral Shards, Mystic Kraken Ink, Deepwater Pearl Essence, and the coveted Shadowed Leviathan Scale, this artifact is said to have been blessed by the spirits of the abyss.

Those who wear the Abyssal Dominator find themselves endowed with a mastery over all forms of combat, their attacks resonating with the elemental forces drawn from the deepest corners of the ocean. The amulet's presence alone evokes awe, as if the very essence of the abyss courses through its wearer, ready to be unleashed upon any who dare to challenge its chosen champion.