Introducing Forgotten Artifacts STAMPEDE!

To kick off the ability to claim real blockchain assets within Forgotten Artifacts, we've created the STAMPEDE! event.

STAMPEDE! is your chance to crash through as many dungeons as you can - claiming as many ENJIN blockchain items as you can - until they're all gone!

If you are reading this, the STAMPEDE! has already begun!

The first event 'STAMPEDE' has now concluded!

Leaderboard - Phase 3

  • 1. Satkan with 137 Tokens
  • 1. Superciclo with 117 Tokens
  • 2. Jack with 82 Tokens
  • 3. Delight with 64 Tokens
  • 4. Barnicles with 62 Tokens
  • 5. Ryoka with 59 Tokens
  • 6. Dlcoates with 58 Tokens
  • 7. Burton with 57 Tokens
  • 8. Picotech with 53 Tokens
  • 9. Cyphrym with 48 Tokens

How to Play

Anyone who has purchased either the Founder's Chest or Discovery Chest will gain immediate access to download the game from their account page!

If you don't have either of these chests yet and you'd like a chance to experience blockchain-integrated gameplay at its finest, there's still time to grab one!

Jump on to our shop and for just $25, you can grab some ridiculous deals on super-valuable items and receive instant access to the world's first blockchain-integrated ARPG.

With our Founder's Chest sale closing in 5 days, Founder's Token supply will be capped based on how many chests are sold. There will never be another Founder's Token created after that date.

If you miss out on a Founder's Token, that's ok, there are other chests on offer, but we will never again offer anything quite as epic as the Founder's Chest.

We are dedicated to ensuring that those who have remained devoted to us, stand to gain the most from our success - and anyone who has spoken to us in Telegram knows, we have massive plans for success!

The Challenge

Collect as many ENJ-backed blockchain items as you can from the depths of the dungeons.

But there's a catch - you must make it to the dungeon exit in order to keep your items!

Simply open up chests as you find them, and the enclosed blockchain items will be added to your STAMPEDE! bar at the top of the screen.

In this unique event, all the items you've collected in your STAMPEDE bar will be yours to keep as long as you exit the dungeon without dying!

Hover over an item to view details about what you've found!


STAMPEDE! Tokens are also scattered around the Dungeons!

Collect as many STAMPEDE! tokens as you can. The player with the most at the end of the event (when all blockchain items run out) will be granted the honor of naming a Transcendent item, which they will also receive 2 of as a reward.

All remaining STAMPEDE tokens should be held until a future secret event.


Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical or Transcendent items.

Below is a sample of each of the different rarities you will find in the dungeons. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these items and more!

We made it!

We are finally here, this is what Enjin adoption looks like ladies and gentlemen.

The future is glorious, thank you for being a part of it!

See you in Telegram or Discord!