Slayer in the Stone

Do you have what it takes to pull the Worldslayer from the Stone?

In the centre of Talmuth a strange energy left behind a Worldslayer embedded within a stone.

Will you be the chosen one to withdraw the Slayer from the Stone and end up with 1 of only 20 Worldslayers that exist in the entire game?


Stage 1

A strange portal like energy appeared in Talmuth!

Stage 2

The energy soon transformed into a curious energy

Stage 3

And the energy proceeded to increase in strength

Stage 4

Until all that was left was the Slayer in the Stone!

Stage 5

Eventually the magic surrounding the Slayer increased until the chosen one was discovered!

The Chosen One

Maitlan is the chosen one who pulled the Worldslayer from the stone!


Interact with the Worldslayer that's in the stone and test your strength at removing the Transcendent sword from the stone!

If you fail to withdraw the Worldslayer you will need to rest for an hour before you can try again.


You must have completed at least one Macabre Dungeon in order to be able to pull the Worldslayer!

There can be only 1 winner, once the Worldslayer has been withdrawn the event will end!