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Fallen Tablets

All Tablets have been destroyed and the event is now over!

3 Fallen Tablets to activate, each granting access to a secret treasure room! What are you waiting for, find out who has the tablets and work together to discover some amazing treasure!

The engraved symbols appear cryptic as to the tablet's purpose, however these mysterious and valuable artifacts are warm to the touch.

Legends have long referred to 3 Fallen Tablets. Each with equal power to each other and granting the holder access to a secret treasure room.

It is understood that to discover this treasure room one needs to first activate the tablet on an altar.

Once activated, the tablet must be passed to another adventurer who must also activate the tablet.

The adventurer who activated before another is then granted an Aura which gives the holder the ability to see the treasure room.

What lies within can only be imagined!

The 3 Tablets are all Enjin blockchain items (1 each Total Supply) and without one you cannot unlock the treasure room hidden within the dungeons of Forgotten Artifacts!

To participate, be sure to join the Telegram and Discord channels to find out who has the Tablets and determine who will take them next.

This event requires you to collaborate and share the Tablets with others. If you don't share, you can't gain access to the treasure room!

You can only unlock each Tablet once, but there are a total of 3 Tablets to take advantage of, allowing you to secure some amazing treasures!

The Treasure rooms contain loot ranging from Epic to Transcendent. You're guaranteed to get at least an Epic item. If you manage to activate all 3 Tablets that's at least 3 new Epic items!

Full Details

Each of the 3 Tablets are Enjin blockchain items with only 1 Total Supply each.

3 Community members in Telegram and Discord will be chosen by fate to start the event.

There is no time limit for the event. The event will start within the next 24 hours.

Once you have received a Tablet know that it is extremely rare and special. There are only 3 in existence.

With the Tablet in your inventory, head into the dungeons and locate an Altar.

Activate the Tablet on the Altar.

You and others can confirm it was successful by visiting the event page at /events/fallen-tablets where the most recent activation of each Tablet is displayed.

Once you have activated the Tablet, you must send the Tablet to someone else who hasn't yet activated the same Tablet and instruct them to Activate it in the same way you have done.

You will need a small amount of ETH/ENJ to pay the gas/transfer fee to send the item to someone else so make sure you can do this before you take ownership of a Tablet!

Once the person you've sent to has activated the Tablet, you will receive an Aura in your inventory. Take this Aura into the dungeons (Adventure Mode Only) and search for the treasure room!

Like always, you must make it out of the dungeon alive to keep your loot!